Security doors and windows, panic rooms and safes built to industrial strength standards to safeguard your business and home against intruders

Panic Room Concealed within a Bookcase

Showing the Panic Room and Entrance Security Door

Shield EU Panic Rooms

Panic rooms, otherwise known as safe rooms, offer a secure location inside your home where you or your family can reside should intruders or thieves penetrate your home, an impenetrable safe haven isolating you from harm.

You can have your bathroom, bedroom or home office converted into a panic room or have a bespoke room designed. Their unique construction will deter and defeat any would be intruders. Despite the unfortunate name "panic room" think of it as a place of safety, "a refuge" for you and your family in times of unwanted difficulty.

Usually the door is made from a double-core metal with a heavy deadbolt installed. Although it's possible to use a different style lock, it is probably best to use a deadbolt so that the need for a key has been eliminated.

If you need to use your panic room, then you will also need to contact emergency services such as the police. So a means of communication with the outside world is imperative and a video monitor that shows all activity outside the door and in the house is a worthwhile investment.

All Security Panic Rooms Construction

Our preferred techniques:

  • walls are constructed from floor to ceiling for structural continuity
  • steel wall studs are used, braced with reinforcing ties, then cover them with bullet resistant material such as kevlar
  • bullet resistant materials are covered with sheetrock, tile or other decorative finishes
  • resistant sheet is overlapped where necessary to ensure the security room does not have any weak points
  • all necessary structural elements are incorporated such as wiring, plumbing and ventilation (evaluating the potential threat of poisonous gasses being sent into the room through the duct system) and build according to the threat
  • floors are concrete whenever possible, and reinforced to account for the added weight of structural elements of the security room
  • doors are one of the most critical aspects of a security room design. Bullet-resistant with internal steel framing are used, along with hardware that can provide substantial, secure locking
  • sound insulation is used in construction of security rooms such that the attacker can not be heard, nor can they hear you
  • only the best surveillance and computer equipment are incorporated into our panic rooms.


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