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All Security Security Door Tests & Certification

With excellence in design and construction at the forefront of our minds, we use the prestigious German IFT Rosenheim testing laboratory to ensure all our security doors are rigorously tested to the highest European standards.

Certification of Bullet Resistance
We provide a range of bulletproof doors for customers with special security needs. All ballistic tests were carried out to the strictest German standards.
Certification of Burglar Resistance
Burglar resistance tests are also carried out at the prestigious IFT Rosenheim laboratory in Germany.
Certification of Fire Resistance
All Security doors provide protection against fire - accidental or deliberate. Doors are tested to meet both UK and the strictest certified European laboratories' fire ratings.
Certification of Durability
All Security doors are automatically opened and closed over 200,000 times to ensure they still have the same level of security they had the first time they were opened.
Certification of Thermal Transmission
All Security doors are energy efficient - they are rated to keep your home warm and the cold outside.
Certification of Sound Insulation
All Security doors are tested to ensure that noisy conditions are muted - particularly desirable within apartment buildings.
Certification of Water & Wind Resistance
All Security doors are designed to withstand heavy rain, roaring wind and buffeting to ensure you are always snug and warm.

Burglar Resistance Tests

Just a few of the burglar resistance tests carried out at the German IFT ROSENHEIM testing laboratory and the appropriate certificates awarded.

UK and European Fire Regulations Tests

Testing and certification to meet UK and European fire ratings and regulations under strict laboratory conditions.

Energy Efficiency

All All Security security doors are energy efficiency tested and certified.

Sound Resistance

All Security security doors are tested and certified for levels of sound insulation.

Durability Testing

All Security security doors passed German testing to meet strictest durability requirements.

Weatherproof Testing

Our security doors have been proved in notified IFT Rosenheim laboratory to be able to withstand heavy rain and gusty wind load.

Bullet Resistant

We have a range of bullet resistant doors for our clients with special security needs.


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