Security doors and windows, panic rooms and safes built to industrial strength standards to safeguard your business and home against intruders

Small Sash Security Window

Window with Shutters Open

An Illustration of the Assembly Process

Installing a Large Security Window

Shield EU Security Windows

Get complete protection and peace of mind for your family with the new security sash window from All Security Security Doors and Windows.

Made to Order

Each window is made individually to order, assembled and tested in our dedicated factory to provide a totally secure, cosy, thermally efficient and sound proofed interior for your home or business.

And don't worry, far from making your precious home look like a fortress, these amazing windows not only look fabulous, but will ensure that no unwanted visitors come calling.

Conservation Areas

No problem for All Security. We can replicate any existing sash window, right down to the tiniest detail. So precisely in fact, that no-one could ever tell that you have installed new windows.

Listed Buildings

And there are no issues replicating the look of doors and windows of listed buildings because each window is constructed to bespoke specifications and can be precisely colour matched.

Burglar Resistant or Bulletproof

Our burglar proof units consist of 11mm laminated glass, 6mm gap and then a 7mm sheet. Whilst our bulletproof model has 25mm of laminated glass - enough to stop a 9mm bullet at close range.

The New All Security Security Sash Window

All Security Security Doors and Windows have a reputation for being some of the strongest and most stylish in the world. Our clients - residential and commercial - trust us to help protect the things that are most dear to them. And they know that our combination of incredible strength and cutting edge design will be the perfect fit for their homes or businesses.

Shield are renowned for producing some of the finest, most stylish and strongest security doors available today and now we are proud to introduce our new extra tough security sash window.

Our unique security sash windows mean once they're shut, the panes cannot be removed and with three separate locks, they're impossible to open from the outside.

They're built with all of the incredible style, build quality and high-grade materials of our doors and other windows. Made from some of the strongest materials known to man, our security sash windows open and close effortlessly, but are resistant to every form of assault, easily able to withstand crowbars, screwdrivers, drills, or even bullets.

Our Windows Explained

Beautifully simple, yet extremely effective, the quick guide to our sash windows is as follows.

The top insert for the front rebate is slipped into position (Fig 1). Then while it's held in place, the bottom sash window is angled into it's own fitted position (Fig 2). The bottom sash is raised to its maximum height and the lower inserts are fitted (Fig 3). When the lower sash is lowered the two fitted inserts hold it firmly and snugly in place.

After the lower sash stops are fitted, there is no way to lever or bend the frame to gain entry. You have a perfectly fitted sash window that not only keeps heat in and cold out, but is impossible to break into.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. For more details call or email us. We'd love to hear from you.


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