Security doors and windows, panic rooms and safes built to industrial strength standards to safeguard your business and home against intruders

Internal Reinforced Assembly and Locking Pins

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Shield EU Security Door Features

Our range of security doors cover all needs, from very cheap simple doors with good performance, to the ultimate safety of bulletproof doors - all made to the highest standards that can be offered today.

Invisible Security Chain

There are many door protection units in the world enabling safe and secure entrance. One of the most popular is the door chain with one end fastened to the door panel and another to the casing. But these chain type door protection units or latches are visible and easily accessible from the outside. When the door is slightly open, there may be attempts of cutting such a chain, or otherwise overcoming such an obvious protection. In addition, the arrangements of these similar structures are detrimental to the appearance of the door.

Taking into consideration these defects, we developed a more advanced device for protection. Our door protection unit is installed in the internal cavity of the door panel, therefore it is invisible. The door panel is connected with the casing not by a chain but with metal bars sliding into respective openings in the bottom and top of the casing. It significantly increases the door resistance against external forces, and in cases where there are attempts of forced door opening. The tests of breaking the door protection unit carried out in the laboratory of building structures and materials demonstrated that the deformation of metal bars only begins when the continuous load at the locks exceeds 530 kg.

Burglar Resistance

Burglar resistance tests were carried out in the IFT Rosenheim testing laboratory in Germany.

  • Burglar resistance class 4 doors protect your property from experienced burglars using saws and electric drilling tools.
  • Burglar resistance class 3 protects against burglaries using heavy duty tools.
  • Burglar resistance class 2 can withstand against occasional burglars using simple tools.

Fire Resistance - Durability - Thermal Transmission

Fire tests were carried out to meet UK fire ratings and regulations in strictest notified European laboratories.

Opened and shut over 200,000 times - just to ensure that they still have the same level of security they had the first time they were opened.

All Security Security Doors are Energy Efficient rated to keep heat indoors and the cold outside.

Precision Engineered

Each door is designed and tested by computer simulation from the beginning of the design stage to the start of production.

The door components for each order are designed individually and prepared by our team of dedicated programmers.

Built by Computers

All devices manufacturing door components are equipped with special computers, controlled by touchpad displays.

When each component or stage is finished, the operator relays to the computer that the work is complete and the component is conveyed to the next part of production.

Supervisors observe the stages, manufacturing the components for each particular order.

Designed for Strength

All Security Security Doors are built with beauty and integrity in every door. All door models contain: *Formed rectangular profiles in the door frames. *Specially formed metal door leafs. *Triple-hinged with supportive beds covered with chrome-plated finishing caps. *Four 16mm protective pins for hinges. *Dual insulation seals. *Durable inside and outside door finish. *Stainless steel thresholds ASSA plates in the door frames. *Lock is protected by drilling resistant plate.

Biometric Entry Systems

We don't take chances with you and your family's safety. That's why All Security Security doors include the option of the latest and most sophisticated biometric entry systems for your added security.

As unique as your fingerprint or the pattern of your iris, All Security Security doors make sure that only recognised individuals can enter.

A range of Finishes or Custom-made Security Doors

The All Security Security finish of security and fire resistant door can be of natural wood, natural veneer, various plywood or laminated. However, most often we use medium density fibreboard (MDF) board laminated by PVC film or a painted Umidax-HLS board.

For internal doors MDF is vacuumed by water resistant film, which does not discolour and ensures durability of the product. This has hard surface and is therefore especially resistant to mechanical impact. Rounded door finish edges provide even more strength and is easy to take care of. We have a wide assortment of PVC film imitating various wood.

Or design a door from the ground up, designed and built for you. Be it a heritage replication or a bespoke design and build, we utilise state of the art 3D design and Auto CAD technology to produce your drawings. We then bring your design to life within our state of the art manufacturing plant in Lithuania.

All shapes and designs are manufactured to exacting standards. You don't compromise on style; we never compromise on the quality or security. That's certified in German testing houses.

Our doors panels can be made using latest 3D design and Auto CAD technologies.

Structural Design Features

  1. 1. The armoured lock is protected by 2 drilling resistant manganese plates
  2. 2. The bodies of the main and additional locks are installed in protective steel boxes
  3. 3. Higher security hinges have height adjustment mechanisms
  4. 4. On the hinge side, there are eight 16mm diameter locking points
  5. 5. On the lock side, there are six locking points and 2 additional points directed upwards and downwards. A separate protective sleeve secures each lock pin in the door frame
  6. 6. The door leaf is of a combined structure: grating, steel sheet and grating again, so even if the outside grating was damaged, the door is still protected by the steel plate and inside grating
  7. 7. Double thermal insulation: a 3cm layer of rock wool on both sides of the steel sheet. It provides excellent noise and thermal insulation for the door
  8. 8. The entire ultra strong structure of the door is covered by finishing board whose colour and design can be customized
  9. 9. The lock pins are protected against damage not by steel sheet, but by a 15mm thick bent profile
  10. 10.The frame is fixed in the opening by 17 pins, protected by 24mm steel liners.


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